Monday, January 19, 2009

It's been a great year, so far.

is actually a good thing.
It's weird how you always seem to think that you're
the same person throughout your whole life.
Through challenges and struggles, you're
not the same person you were 5 mins ago.
Everyone has to go through up's and down's
to actually know who they really are, and
what they want in their lives.
I've learned that you have to put yourself
out there to know what you are really capable of doing.
DAAAAAAAAAYUM. You are seriously one of the most selfish persons out there in the world.
You are so into you're self and to into what you want and whhhat you must have. It really does
suck to know that YOU are the one missing out on what's beeing put infront of your face. You
seem to think that everything must be handed down to you when you want it, but not everything
can. NO ONE, can always hand you a silver platter with all the money, clothes, shoes, games, happiness,
whenever you want. It just doesn't work like thaaat. It's really stupid, how you only talk to me when
you really really want something. I mean like, just because i say 'yes' all the time, doesn't mean you
have to take full advantage of me being nice. What's worst, is that whenever i need a favor or
something you just blow me off like it's ok. But FUCK YOU. Things are gonna change between this
so called 'friendship' that we have. It ain't gonna be the same, so you're gonna have to swallow it like
a man that you call yourself. PEACE, INDEX DOWN BITCH. [: haaave a goood day<3

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