Wednesday, February 25, 2009

better day.

You've have became a someone who biulds be up, and knocks me down. But i notice, i'm learning from it, its making me stronger. I've learned that you have to step out of the picture, and watch the re-run. When you learn, you're mind is set. I'm learning that my time is actually worth something, and it's not just something that i can get back when i ask. When time past, it becomes the past, and it's gonna stay in the past. I need to set myself up for the future, cus' who said time waits for anyone? it waits for none of us. Its rather you flow with it, or you just get left behind and you're gonna have trouble catching up. But as always 'LIFE GOES ON' and it will continue too. as for now, i'm taking it as a lesson learned.

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