Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello bloggers, (:

Whuuu'sup! ;D
Yay! I finally had time to make my own blog (:
Chee! Haha, well kinda new at this.
But i think i'll get the hang of it sooner or later.

Anyways, today was such a whack day. School was boring as ussual,
being in a new school isn't really that exciting as i though.
ARGH, but i'm still getting the hang of it.
I seriously had to frickn stress out for like 4 days about my
stupid world history project.
I really don't understand why the heck they had to put me in
that class when i'm the lower classmen.
Gosh, but i'm glad i actually got it done. But thats not the end
of being stressed out. I still have to make up all my ICAN tests.
So irritating, they make sucha big deal about that whole
math program.

I've also been noticing that people keep asking me if i'm a senior.
I don't get it, i swear i look my age! i know i dooo.
i think i should start wearing this sign that says sophmore.
Ew, Lame.

But its getting late. So i think i'm gonna head out for now.
& come back tomorrow while i'm on myspace!

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