Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello (:

My gosh, what a day today. Lets review.

-Morning: Woke up around 5 as always, got ready. morning bizz. caught the buss to waipahu, was traffic. almost was late. got off the buss when everyone was walking to class, but thank god that i made it in time (: Ha, i kept on praying that i wouldn't be late. Chee! God answers prayers :D
-First period: Did worksheets about dorian grey. talked stories with janeese, chela & carmela. Didn't even finish, haa.
-Seventh period: It was a so called 'WORK DAY' but then i finished everything so its all goood ;D just talked stories with michael and gladys them. Chilled. DOPE.
-Recess: Talked to Cherline them, then walked to to 4th period with kevin.
-4th period: did my math worksheet. so boring, but was pretty chill. listened to my i-pod kept singing chris brown songs, i think my teacher kinda got irritated -_- oh wells. ha! talked to mae & brandon. boring. boring. boring.
-Lunch: walked with kevin to i-Quad. uh talked stories with courtney & maracel. me, court & josh ate cherlines cereal. maracell kept asking us to go kalihi or something, but me and court would only go if we could 'ride a horse' home. hahah! okay, lame. but yea. kept poking my neck and stuff. then yea..
-sixth period: LAME! omg, i hate that class, its so boring. i never do any of my work. but i actually participated in class & i got points! yay! ^_^ hahahah, but it was still gay.
-Afterschool: went by the office meet up with kev them, chilled little bit. went to get food with kev, and stuff. then just talked stories for a while. they left, so i went to VC where i was supose to be at but then i got caught up talking with them. Lols, but then yea. now i'm here :D

Aw, today VC was so good! Ah, what we were talking about was so cute :) makes me really wonder who i'm actually gonna marry & stufff. Aw, & boys who write letters to the future wife because there really wondering who its gonna be. thats so cute ^____^ Lols.
Well, i have more to right, but i'm to lazy right now.. so i'll be back later on tonight (:
i think i'm gonna go and take a nap, okay! berightback, <3

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