Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Future husband, [;

Hello kind sir, hmph.
this is so lame, but i find this really cute when guys do it (: anyways, i know i'm a little to young for this kind of 'LOVE' thing but i already know that god is writing my love story. Its so funny, because i ussually always think about who i'm gonna end up being with in the future, i'm always hope chris brown or someone who looks like him or pharell, but hes to dirty (sex wise).

Ha, anyways. I'm writing this because, when i actually meet you i wanna show you all these letters that i've been writing to you eversince this day. naaw mean? ha. But i know that it's a couple years from now, and i still have a lot of things to work on before i actually meet you. because gods writing my love story, i'm working on myself to get stronger to him first. I need to put my heart to him, so that you have to seek god to find me (:

I know who evers reading this is probally thinkning i'm crazy or something. But this is the real truth. I wanna be perfect for you, just as god plans. I want everything to fall into place, ha :D but i was thinking about 'you' in 7th period. Yea, anyways. i hope your not having sex right now with some other chick,
because we all should be faithful in this love game yenno ;D

Well as of now, i'm only a sophmore, ha. thats so lame, but i manage. i'm shortish, taller than some, shorter than
most. omgaats! i hope your taller than me, i hope that you actually have a super
nice smile. ah! and you kinda look like chrisbrown or something like that.

I also hope that you don't stink, and you smell super good (: & that you're really really funny! i like funny people (:
uh, i hope you actually are a super chill person, but not to blunt. And you have a super sweet side.
chee! i'm getting excited, hahah! ^_^

i wonder if yer gona like chocolate icecream or vanilla. lols, so lame. but argh. i wanna see you!
i wonder if i passed you sometimes, or i've seen you around, or if we chilled together before
omgats, omgats, omgats. hmph. well its getting late now, so i think i'll be going!
g'nights my future husband! (:
***For you people who thinks this is weird, uh HI! :D

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