Saturday, September 27, 2008


i totally forgot to write in this yesterday. ha! i was to busy so yea. recap?

school was pretty lame. Yay! i finished all my detentions. hopefully i won't get anymore my hand gets all cramped up. so irritating. anyways, chilled after school with courtney and kevin them. then cousin picked me up and went to my papa's house. i had to frickn give him his stupid massage. as always! so irritating, but i love him (: haaaa, okay. then went to new hope, with jess, kevin, bart, drey, ryan, timmy them. chilled for little while. then went home after. uh was at aunty jens house 'till midnight. then yea. hahahaah i'm here! but i'll berightback. gonna go out! okay! bye! :D

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