Monday, September 29, 2008

haven't been updating

I havent really had time to be going on this. I was being pretty lazy & i had sucha'
bad weekend so i didn't really wanna bother going on this because all i did was
sleeep everything offf.

update on sunday; i was so irritated gosh, i dislike that girl so much. She's so annoying.
I've never notice that money can really change a person. Even though you think you know
a person, theres a whole other side of them that can just be so irritating. When i got home
from church that day, all i did was sleeep ha. i didn't even bother on doing any of my homework.

Today; School was sucha dragg. i was so tired i didn't even feel like waking up early & catching the
bus. I wanted to sleep in all my classes it was so boring. I hate mondays! Itss so ugggly. & 2 more weeks
untill my birthday. my daddy gave me muh money on sunday & today we had to cash it. cheee! $500!
plus child support :D i'mma be ballin. NOT! hahahah.

my lessoned learned today was, never ever ever depend on other people to do something for you.

well, this is all for now. i'm gonna go write a letter to my future husband! :D

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