Wednesday, October 8, 2008

weeeee ;D

haven't really been doing this in a while.
so i've decided to do it today :D

well, its' almost muhh birthday, yay! a year old.
frricck' i'm getting old. hahaha, not reallly.

well, nothing much is really new. schoool ended for 1st quarter.
i doubt i got any good grades. so errrrking, i hate mis sylva.
shes'so annoooying. whateverrr. hater.

tonnight theres gonna be an event :D
i've also beeen noticing that i'm getting
very im pacient on finding who my
other half is. arrrgh! i hope he's a cuuute !

he has so be cuuuute, and funnny. i hate boring peopllle.
he has to have a sense of style. he cannot always bee looking hassshed.
ha! so mean, frrick,. but ONNNE DAY! :D

for some reason, i feel like i've meet him before.
or i've seeen him around but its jus' not he right time.
but the time will come as what god has promissed (:

but i really really wanna meet him!
arrgh, i should write him a lettter already.

Dear future husbaand.
for some reason i'm gettting impacient i really wanna meet you already :D
but i don't knnow whats up. hmph, i feeel like i know you.. & i've talked to beforree.
but were not talking at this ppoinnnt because god wants us apart untill the time actually commes.
I know your probally gonna laugh at me if you read all of my letters that i write to you. but please, dont
Right now i'm pretty much working on myself. & i hope you are too.
well idddk whatelse to saay, but! imissshuu ;D


okkkay, this is whaack. chaio'

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