Tuesday, October 28, 2008


is goooooood (;

i'm starting to actually appreciate more in my life (:
Mostly the people in it- to be honest i wouldn't have think that i would
have made it this far without any of the people thats been there for be.
Even those who left, you guys actually taught me, that great things
don't always last forever in life. People come & goItalic
i'm always used to getting whatever i want,
because my parents had no ones else to give too.
Actually, i don't deserve half of the things i get, i'm too much
of a handfull. I complain too much & i've always expected whatever i want
i'm gonna get it. Now that i'm so used to thaat, i'm actually learning the hard way.
To tell you the truth;- i'm gladdd i'm learning it the hardway.
Its a new experience, i'm excited! ^_^
..wish me luck.
- i really have to peee
- red nail polish is sexy
- puppys look better than dogs
- i will one day catch a air plane with my tounge
- i'm gonna keep my braces foreverrr
- my feet hurt
- lil wayne reminds me of a white horse
- i hate foods that look ugly
- eggs are ugly when there by themselves
- i will one day buy a supersoaker
- jerri lee is hoter than tila tequila
- recycle bottles is good? i guess?
- i love seeing old couples together, its cuter than couples these days
- i don't knwo what i'm gonna be when i grow up.
- im gettting tireddd.
- okay!
- Goood
-bye! (=
LOLS!, catchaaaa' laterrrr.

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