Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blogggin' bull

Seriously, how can you go so far into hurting someone who would care so much for you? a person who has been there for you through thick and thin. Someone who would have to sacrafice to put to first before everyone else? Why are you being so selfish?! Do you have respect for me or whaat? How dare you put me through this situation that i never even made my way into. I thought of you as a whole different person, & you wanna go and do this bull. Now, you make me think of you as a whole different person. You were the type of person i would pick over anyone who would go agianst you, a person i thought who would show that they care when times go hard and when things seem to fall the shelves. Now, i think of nothing good of you. You showed me someone that who would just waalk through everything an expect everyone to be nice to you. A person who has to get whatever they want to make them feel better of themselves. Honestly, go girl derserves to be treated like dirt. How can you say you 'love' someone if you can't even respect the way they feel. I feel so stupid for actually wasting me time on you. I've always been the person to comfort you when your down and when you need something. I always was there, i gave you everything that you needed. Whether it was priceless nor it was more thaan it should be. I gave you everythinnnng, & you walk out like your the one who got hurt. Are you blind or whhha? did you not open your eyes big enough to see what you did? or were you thinking too much of yourself to even think of how you hurt me. I don't wanna point out who the hell you are, because i know you'd start something. Well learn to grow up. You say you did, but through my eyes and to a whole lot of other people your just a boy, learning to become a man.
You're probaly thinking that i'm stupid for even writing this online. but to state my facts, you mean nothing to me anymore. You can call me stupid for doing this, but i'm only stupid for staying by your side & falling into the things that you do. But i wanna say thanks. You showed me how to a stronger person. You showed me how to never let things get the best of me, and how to never let me gaurd down. Thanks to you, i've became a better person. Say whatever you want, but your weak as hell. You probally didn't even learn anything from this experience, ha. I hope the next time you choke on the words that come out of your mouth. Just know, Its your damn loost! ;)

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