Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cold Cold & Cold!

Today's weather was so gloommmy & it was frezzzing cold. Stayed home for a while untill my mom came home. Got into another arguement. I swear i think i'm starting to hate my mom. I'm getting tired of hearing her yell at me for no frickn' reasson. Complaing about money, like wth am i suppose to do i don't work! I'm too busy trying to keep my grades up & she still yells. Seriously, this is getting to the breaking point. I wanna diggg out of her house hold. After my mom got 'fed up' with me, she dropped me to my grandpas house when she was suppose to take me to pearls. fricccckin' irritating!!!!! so my cousin couldn't take me to pearls cus' he had to go to waikiki, so i was kinda hopeless for a while. Then timmy them came to pick me up :) so i got to go pearls! ^_^ meet up with megan and joey, starbucks sit around. then i went to forever21 to go and buy me clothes. so yeaaah, then talked stories agian. kev won second in the event. later thennn, we went to genki & zippys. dropped of joey, then dropped me offf. i hate having a phobia of running low on gasss, gaaah! i always feeel like were gonna end up pushing the car. >_____<>

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