Sunday, November 16, 2008


omg, i haven't been keeping up with my blog :(
so i guess i'll try keep you guys updated on somethings,
Things that have really been bothering me, is school. i'm really starting to
fall back, insted of falling forward. Its really hard when you have the feeling
of the weight of the world on your shoulders. It totally sucks big time ):
Also, i've been getting irritated almost every frickn' day, will imature people, who don't
really know how to grow the hell up & stop making such a big thing
about practically the smallest thing in the world!
so, i also went back to VC :) whoop! ^_^ & like we've been talking a lot about relationships and
the whole 'boyfriend girlfriend' thing. Like what really stuck out in my head was
when we were talking about how guys show respect to girls and stuff. It really made me think
like if i were with someone who wouldn't show me respect & who didn't have there heart right with god. It made me think like what would happen, and what kind of things i deserve. Ivony really made this point were she said that if a guy had respect for you, he would be scared to hurt you, and he
wouldnt swear at you and stuff. That day made me really think about my other half. What also caught my attention was when she said 'if your not planning on marrying that person, then your just setting yourself up for a heartbreak'. that was such a good vc (=
wooh! ^_^ i know what dress i'm gonna wear for NYB :)
so longtime from now, but i need to start saving for it, its pretty expensive.
and its betsy johnson ^_^
but i gotta start savinnng.
i'll probally post a picture of it next time i update this

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