Friday, October 31, 2008


Whats your frick'n problem!? Why are you such a effffin' ignorant person?
This is the reason why people talk so much about you, you think your better than people,
& you can say things about people an get away with it. I'm frickn' younger than you, an
you wanna act like your younger than me. NO DISRESPECT but its true. Your just using me,
to do whatever someone else doesn't wanna do for you. I mean, wth! DO IT YOURSELF,
you want it to be done right? Omgah, and i'm always being nice to you. & you can't even
have respect for someone who actually cares for you. FINE, you know whaat i won't care.
Your making yourself seem like your 'top dog' or a frickn' princess that people need to
bow down to your frickn' comands. FACT; you ain't any of those things. stop trying,
your just making yourself look bad, more worst hated. I don't wanna seem liike a bad person,
because i'm the one always being nice to you, & you give the 'wtfriccccck' look, &
always hitting me, i swear i'm gonna turn around and frickn punch you in the effin' face.
i ain't joking. You have so much hate for people, at the end of it your not gonna have anyone
else to love. I actually think your cool, but frickn' wise up your act! learn how to be respectful
to people, respect is a 2 way conection. You can talk more crap about people, or you can just have a nice hot cup of STFU! ;D LOVE YA, SMALL KINE LITTLE BIT

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