Thursday, October 30, 2008

Then agian,

Today, we finished early. I think i'm starting to get sick and tired of these '2 hour' periods. omgah, is it really that needed? Honestly? How are you suppose to enjoy school with these kind of boring periods?! Whats worst, is that theres nothing to do after schoool. Theres like so much time left in the day, its starting to make me irritated. Its like on regular days, theres too little time to spare, and on short days theres way to much time. Frick.

Other than that, today wasn't as badd. Prettty chill. Church was goood :) I'm starting to have more faith in god now. I seriously drifted from him. I think i need to be spending more time with him, then thinking about my self. I need to learn how to be humble. yep, me and kev are gonna start being humble and not have anny bitterness in our hearts, or have bitterness towards people. I mean, how the heck are you gonna go to heaven if you have all these bitterness towards people. I need to stop thinkning about 'my needs' and starting thinking about 'others needs' too :) Life has to be fun, nothings gonna be fun if its always gonna be about you, right? I need to start relaxing, and stop letting the small things get to me. I have faith in god that he will walk me through this path & i know that the will walk with me hand in hand. He's my rock & my fortresss.

I haven't actuallly notice how much our world is being so messed up. Its so crazy out there in the world, i mean our world is changing so fast. elections? I havent even notice that its actually a big thing, and its serious! I think we have crazy people running for president. We need a president that has a heart with god, and will walk our country through a good path & will change the world on how god would want it. Forget about the selfishnesss, we need to be serious. The WORLD is a crul place, and liek what a lot of people say, it will eat you up & spit you back out a live. I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone, no one deserves thaat, but things in life really need to be taken seriously. People are complaining so much, but i mean its not like we can do everything! But i have faith in god that everything will be taken care of :)


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