Thursday, January 29, 2009

nails to the world.

there's to much things on my mind >_<
when will it stoppp? ohmygaaaaaah, these days'
i dnnt know whhat you are to me. you still have no
respeccct for anyone but yourself -_-

FSB, is coming up. i still don't know what the
hell i'm going to weaaar. then there's junior
prom, and i dntt know what to wear for that.
what else, hmmp, senior prom -___- omgg,
i'm gonna be friccckn' brrokke to the world.
money seriously needs to start becoming easy

i'm tirrred of askkking my mom for money, with
out her fricknin' complaaanning. and she keeps'
saying thhat i owe her? owe her whhhat!

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