Friday, January 30, 2009

Whhhhat a day,

this daaay started off sorta junk?
but i just had to cope with it,
and not let it get to me, cus' i
don't wanna be wasting my time
on complaining.

2nd period, was pretty laaame.
7th period, omgosh. the best period ever.
cuss' 'beautiful' is in my class :)
he's so blessed with good looks, hahaha.
recess, was boring.
4th period, was loong. mr. delacruzzz, keeps
talking, he doesn't ever stop -_-
6th period, got called to the office, because
i didn't do my detention, from my dresscode
but then mr. mats. took me off his 'no id' list :)

afterschool, i did my detention.
went to VC for a bitttt, and then yeah.
aj, courtney, and kenneth picked me up
headed down to menchies, visted megaan
then down to excluuusive.

later thennn, we went to pearls, no one was there.
After thaaat, went down to waipo.
AJ taaught me staandard. i suuck -__- hahha
i still need to get used to the clutch, but it was funnn ;)
couuurtney that frickn proo. LOLS.
we were there for a while like 2 houuurs, just drivvving,
we got hungry so then we went to zipppys in ewa beaach.

aj let me drrive from my entrance to my houuse,
hahah, he said he's gonnnna still teach me. yay! :)
oh okkkay, i'm tireddd. G'niiights! <3

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