Saturday, February 28, 2009

Amazing day ;)

Well schoool was hella' cold. i wore a dresss too. naaails to the world already. but i was excited for the michaels party, i wasn't to shure that i would even be able to go because of lastnight. so after schoool, went to the flower shop, then waikele, and kevin's house. hele on home, got droped off to my grandpa's house afttter. then headed down to michaels houuuse. pretty meaaan his parttty ;) i enjooooyed it. their group is so chillll, i loove it. it's like just be yourself, their so welcomeyyy. hahaaha, well i think i'm starting to let go of all my stressss, but in a different way. and i know i'm not really suppppose be going that direction. but, anyways. goood night :)

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