Saturday, February 28, 2009

not saying this to shake you up, i'm saying this to wake you up

How dare you just fuckn use me, seriously it's getting old. I'm starting to give up on you, but I'm not losing faith. I swear i'm not, I know i'm stronger than this. I know for sure Gods in this with me too. But i'm tired of seeing you get all that you want, and i get nothing. I mean, stop being selfish -_- You already got everything that you need, and you still bother on asking me for things? If you haven't notice, which i think you dont, you only talk to me when you need something. Other than that, its nothing else. It ain't no, how are you doing type of thing. Its more like, can you do this for me? wtff, thats so rude. And everytime i do something for you, when it comes to geting something in return you're thank you's dont even sound meaningful. Its like you expect me to always do things for you. But excuse me, just because i'm a nice person and i like to help out doesnn't give you the right to take advantage of what i'm giving you. I was afriad of this, but i'd take the blame cus i know i let it go out of hand. I know you're happpy, and i should be happy too. But you brought out the best of me, and now its like nothing. I'm done chasing walking my pavement. I ain't going back, its to hard. I'm not quiting on my faith, I'm quiting on yoou. I know theirs no chance. But i was always there, and i promised myself that i was never gonna leave. I swear i'm not. I was real from the beginging, and i still will be real with ya' till the end. I have so much faith in you, and i know for shure that you can go really far in life. I don't wanna see you fall on your face, or trip on anything. But i don't know if i'm gonna be here anylonger. Who knows, i might just be in the way yenno. I know you're down for herrrrrrrrrr. But ask you're self and be sure if she's down for being commited to you're heart and not just taking it because she wants to fill in that empty space. It's hard to seee this happening, but my eyes are fogggging up and i'm thinking that its time to go? I've already had about 68 dreams about you in a row. I know its weird that i'm counting, but it's yooooooou. you're like one of the most beautiful amazing breath taking person that i have met. well okkaky, the only beautiful amazing breath taking person that i have met. And i'm not gonna lie about that. But as i seee from now, you turned ugly. But just remember, that i was always there ):

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