Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another dream

are you serious? gosh, why do they keep continuing? and they all seem to connect? ugh. i'm getting tired of it. As much as i wish they could happen, it ain't happening. Thats for shure. I swear i'm trying, blah blah blah. But i gotta face reality, & play my cards right. It ain't a joke, nothing like thaat. Just something you watch in a hazzzy vision. But how long can i handle to just look through that way? not long. not long at all. Straight up, it's been to long. I know i'm holding back, but i can't blame myself for it. Its not worth fighting for anymore, oh well. good things come and goo. good things come for those who wait. but fck this cus' ive been waiting forever. I swear i will stay up all night to make shure i don't have another dream about you, cus' its making me go crazzzzzzy :(

Anyways- school was so laaame.
nothing special happened, i'm tired of looking at that thing
on his ear, its pisssing me offff. GAAH, um afterschool, just
chilled for a whillle, and stuffff. talked stories, about josh's car
and the little kidds who was spitting on it :P aaaah, then
walked down to my grandfathers hale buu'. hahaha,
took a small naap, then massaged jay's back as always, was
suppose to go starbucks, but he ended up going with his friend
and taking my money. whateverrrr. then i just went to the Y
with my cousin, and courtney came. Headed to starbucks.
blah blah blah. okkay, thats all for now.


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Noside said...

Hey, Thanks for following my blog, really appreciate it =]

umm, do i know you?lol i know you live in the HI and all but yea.

well nice meeting you =]

have a safe week.