Monday, February 16, 2009

Then agian

i still have things on my mind. i can't believe i had a dream about you lastnight, and when i woke up, i caught myself crying because of the dream. gosh, why does it have to be you? anything but yoou. seriously, it needs to stop. it ain't the first time, and i bet it ain't the last either. i need to just hurry and walk, you don't even know. But one day i swear i will speak up, and you will then know. but as for now- it ain't requireddd. Lifes to short to dwell on all thats wrong, so i need to start living in the future cus' their ain't one living in the past. only god knows where we're going. I just wanna be with you, i wanna tell you how i feel, but i'm only holding back -_-

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