Monday, February 16, 2009


it's been a while since i have updated my blog.

Things have changedddd, for starters schoool :P i'm actually tryin' since i can't
screw up, since my grades really do depends on getting my car :) Other than that
i'm always catching myself thinking of you. But i know it ain't better that way, it
needs to stop. Nothing's gonna happen anyways, we're just 'friends' and pretty much
thats all we can be. but atleast were something right? :)

Still pretty tired from yesterday, even though fsb was a fckn waste of money & time
i can't believe i even tried to have fun, and it just wasted my time. NAILS TO THE FCKN WORLD.

Ew, and that bitch wanna go and fckn act?! who do you think you are? THE BOSSS? bitch please.
YOUR FCKN DEAD TO EVERYONE. just keeding, i sound like a bitch :P hahahaha.

Oh, my mommmy was talking to me about my carrrr. And she actually promised to get
me one :) I just need to mkae shure i pass my permit, then were off to get my car. Since
she doesn't wanna let me drive her car, so i have to get my own o_O so ugly. but whatever
she said i can take it ouuuut. hahah :D yay. Still debating on what kind of car i should
gettt, i really was an RSX or and STI. if not, then something classssssy, like a lexus :D
doubt its gonna be brandnew thouuugh. but whatever atleast its something, naw mean?
ha. betttter than catching the bussss too.

Well thats all for now, DUECES.

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