Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dear ________,

You are the most amazing person that i have ever met. I know for a fact that i never meet anyone who gives me the meanest butterflies that you give me. When you talk to me, my heart beats faster and slower at the sametime. I love the way you speak cus' you're voice is so deadly to my heart. The way you look, your style, is so unbelievable i question myself if you're even human to be. When your fingers touch mine, i cant help but to just bite my lip asking myself what the hell am i suppose to do. Whenever i think of you, it a good feeling. I never would ever think that i would fall this hard for you, but things happen for a reason right? You're like so beautiful, inside and out. Sometimes i think that 'something' is gonna happen, but at the sametime i doubt it. You're worth more than what i can give you, and everyone knows that. If i can't handle myself, how can i think that i can handle you. You're gonna need so much in life, since we eventually are gonna move on to better things in life. You're so talented, and you have so many things that you wanna do. I would love to help, but how can i if i know i could just be standing in the way. Whenever i picture you in the future, you're gonna be so ahead in life. I'm actually very proud of yoou, you know what you want and you're willing to go the extra mile. I would have never thought that i would have adapt this feeling towards you. I mean, we're obviously two different people, who come from different worlds. I know for a fact you have no interest in me, but i'm juuust saying. ha, and those who read thing, won't even know who its for ;D

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