Sunday, February 22, 2009

haven't been updating

Haven't really been on this much, I'm stuck doing all of my projects. They just keep biulding up, i just got another one given to me this week. Now i'm slammed with 5 projects, due the same weeek. Gosh, highschool is no joke man. But i'm just coping with it. i'm taking a break from all of the work so i just wanted to update this. And if i'm not mistaken, it's sheila maries birthday :) Happy birthday! ^__^

This weekend went by pretty fast, it was a good weekend overall. But sundays' are my lazy days, where i have no plans and i'm doing my homework :P hahaha. I'm still hating these dreams that i'm having. seriously, stop? gosh. lastnight was prettty funn, watched friday the 13th, it was funny :D hahah, i couldn't help but laaaugh at most of the killing parts. It was so intersting, how people can be so stupppiiid and hardheadedddd. lols. I got to see beautiful like 2 times this weekend :) gosssh, he's so beautiful on thaa' reals. Playing serrades in waikele parking lot :P omg, so hilllarious. it's those 'had to be there' momments. well I think i shall come back to thiss, i have to do my other project. 1 down, 4 more to go :(

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