Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well its been day 54 and its the 54th time i had a dream about you, and their still continuing. I'm starting to hate sleeping. It's pissing me off. Why can't they just stop? Like wtf, why is it even happening? Ugh, I'm sleeping less these days cus' i don't wanna think of you anymore -_- even though your beautiful. I need to start focusing on my homework, and turning in my shit. I do my work and i don't even turn it in. Gosh,where the hell is my head these days? I've been thinking to much, and it ain't even on my homework. Its more on other things. I got my progress report today, and i have horrible grades. I have no idea how i'm gonna pull them off. I stayed back today from the gym, and went home to finish up some of my work and start on my project. I'm such a procrasinator -_- this nonsense needs to stop. Plus, i have 3 projects which are like more than half of my grades for each of my class, and their all due the same week. Fuck, schools getting dumb. My english teacher wants to fuckn act like she's top dog and she knows what shes teaching, when all she says is 'i don't know, just do it' like wtf! how the fuck you got hirred to become an educator? you suck bitch! I hate teachers who wanna make like.
Well anyways, school sucked today. I tried not to fall asleep in my classes, but i couldn't really help it since i only had 3 hours of sleeep. Still then, you're always running through my mind. Aren't you tired yet? cus i know if i were you i'd be tired. but hey, i can't help it yenno. oh wells :P

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