Saturday, March 7, 2009

UGH! this weather makes me think..

Why am i wasting my time, being a fool for you.
You ain't even worth it. My heart is hurting
cus' i'm the only one that cares. I better leave.
It ain't the way its suppose to be. You should do
better than that, and you should know better than that.
Something ain't right, i given my best and your just
taking advantage of my heart. Why couldn't you be a
little less insecure, baby.Been holding on so long,
I don't want to leave you... why?
I don't believe in love,
Cuz I still don't have you, I try.
My heart's attacked by the things you say,
My body's numb.
You're love is like last year...
It's over, it's done.

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